Top memorable games only 90s kids will remember

Top memorable games only 90s kids will remember

Are you a 90s kid? Then let’s talk about an era which is so nostalgic that people still want to live those golden days, doesn’t matter how busy we are now or how technology has changed our lifestyle but once in the while we still wish to play the games they used to play in the 90s. Yes, games because they were the most memorable memories of our childhood. Let us take a ride down the memory lane and recall some of our childhood memories.

The time when we were not searching for a friend on any social media. We are addicted to online games to immerse ourselves in the virtual world like PUBG to stay connected with our friends. We believe that we are creating memories but the reality is we are becoming lazy and destroying our social life day by day.

Try to recall this wasn’t the case during the 90s kid. We use to meet with our friends, friends from school, tuition and colony and play for hours. We use to make memories far greater than what we use to make now.

Those were the days when kids used to plan their Sundays for playing cricket or football early in the morning and one by one everyone visits their friend’s home to pick him up and go together, they never thought about what the weather is, they use to happily play and enjoy as much as they can

Let me take you down the memory lane. I have listed some popular games which were played in every street of India during the 90s

Pakdam Pakdayi

Remember this game! The most common game to play when you have no idea what to play but the fun we all had was unbeatable.

Rules of this game were very simple, the one who will catch have to count until 10 so everyone around him can easily make a distance to him so they can avoid being caught and when anyone got touched by the person he/she will be the one who has to take the job of catching someone else and so on.

Kho Kho

Before the craze of cricket & football, Kho Kho was the game kids considered as a professional game because in the schools when PT sir gets serious about sports his first choice was always Kho Kho.

Rules of this game were quite interesting that there will be 2 teams, players from one team will sit in a line where every player will sit in the opposite direction from the player next to him.

3 players from another team will stand at a point whose job will be to run and avoid being caught by the players, they are free to run in any direction and even from between the players while the team whose job is to catch those players have some limitations.

Only one player will run to catch at a time, he can’t change his direction of running on once he started moving on.

To pass the catching to the next player he/she must touch his back and say” Kho” after that the player who was touched will be trying to catch others.

This is how the game continues until all the players have been caught.

Chupan Chupai

The best game which the kids start playing from their very beginning. The curiosity of finding and the feeling of stay hidden will be the best thing kids from 90s may have ever had.

Rules are very simple in this game that the kid whose job is to catch his friends will have to count till 10 while with his closed eyes and during that time the rest of the kids immediately have to find a place where they can hide so he/she cannot catch them.

Stop (Statue)

This game should be legally announced as the funniest game because all you have to do is say a magical word “Statue” and the thing that will happen after that moment will become the memory of a lifetime.

In this game, there is only one simple rule, If whoever you are playing this game with said “Statue” or “Stop” then you have to stop right there like a statue until he/she says “Over”. Sounds interesting right? it’s more interesting when you play yourself. So go ahead and try it out.

Gilli Danda

It will sound unusual but this game needs a lot of focus and practice, you can’t win this game by mere luck

How to play this game? To be honest, this was one of the most common games, but playing “Gilli Danda” wasn’t as simple as it seems.

You will need a big round stick with a good Grip and a small stick sharpened from both sides.

To begin this game you have to start with a shot where you place “Gilli” in a whole from where you can easily lift it by “Danda” as far as you can. Other players will try to catch the “Gilli” if they successfully catch it than your game is over. Using your “Danda” you have to hit the one end of the Gilli in such a way that when you hit it, the “Gilli” will jump into the air and the points will count based on how many times you hit the “Gilli” in the air without reaching it to the ground and this is how this game is played.


Always the first choice of kids if they want to play something in a garden or during the school recess. One of the players gets the duty of catching others. The difference between “Chain-Chain” & “Pakdam-Pakdayi” is that whoever gets caught has to hold the hand of the other and must catch someone else with the same process & this game continues until the last one gets caught. During this they can’t leave each other’s hand if somehow they leave there connection other players will run to them to beat them up and they have to begin with the start.

Aankh Micholi

The only game which has no age limit, even still people love to play this game, not only just friends this game is popular to be played in families as well. Funny it is that you have to catch others blindly, yes! You heard it right, blindly. In this game, the one who is taking the job of catching others will be blindfolded with a cloth so he/she can’t see and now have to catch others on their instincts or by following their voices. For others, it becomes a great part of entertainment while someone is blindfolded so at that time you can tease him or play with him in numerous ways.


This game is more popular by the name “Santoliya”. In this game, children make a pyramid of stones and one has to guard it by others so no one can hit it and scatter it by a ball the main business starts right here. Everyone has to sort that pyramid again as fast as they can without being caught if they successfully managed to do it than they won otherwise one who being caught have to take the job of defending the pyramid and start the game again.


The most popular game of the 90s in Girls was “Chipus”. All they need is just a little free time to somehow play at-least-once this game otherwise in the free time the square-shaped pattern designed on the flour brought more happiness in the 90s than PUBG can ever bring today. 

So how this game was played, let me tell you the complete procedure.

First of-course you create the famous square pattern on the floor then you writer some numbers in every block. The player will throw a stone in one of the squares and where the stone will stop, that number will be his number of shots he can use to play this game.

If the player successfully reached the endpoint with the exact number of shots than he/she wins.

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