Famous Tapori Words and what they really mean

Famous Tapori Words and what they really mean

India is a country of languages, we already have 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects spoken in different regions of India. Every language has its own slangs but there is a language that is a slang itself and it is called the Tapori language.

Tapori language originated in Bombay but now many of its words are spoken throughout India.

Words of this underrated language are highly popular. Some people use Chindi/Tapori words because they think it sounds cool and some use it because they feel it expresses themselves better

Tapori words might feel a little rude but for the people who use it often knows how it connects them. Every year a new word arrives from youngsters and time by time that word spreads out in other places and becomes a trend and you do need to get updated with those words to be in the pace.

Let’s begin with some “Gully Boy” like Tapori Words

1 Bantai : “Kya Bantai” , people generally don’t get any clue what this word actually means, but in tapori language, this word means “Bro”.

2 Bohot Hard: Many of you have already heard this word and you might be using this on many occasions. This is used when you find something or someone worth appreciating and you say “Bohot Hard”.

3 Pantar Log:  This word is commonly used for introducing or greeting a group of friends like “Kya haal hai Pantar Log”.

4 Shana: Special word for those people who try to behave “Over Smart”. So never try to be a “Shana” in-front of anyone, especially while a Tapori is around you.

5 Jhakkas: Maybe the most used tapori word you have been hearing from your childhood. Jhakkas is a word that reminds of Anil Kapoor, in short, he should be the brand ambassador of the word “Jhakkas”. Jhakkas simply means awesome.

6 Khajoor : This delicious dry fruit in tapori language is used to address those who are dumb or behaves dumb or for the people who make no sense.

7 Kalti Maarle : Whenever someone has done something wrong and wants to leave that place without letting anyone know, well that is the moment this word is used “Kalti Maaarle” it means “Let’s get out of here”. Alternatively, this is also used by someone who wants the other person to leave.

8 Bole toh : You can assume that this word works as a helping verb for tapori language because it’s usually used at the beginning of almost every sentences which means “I mean”

9 Waat lag gayi : When something bad happens with you or you are stuck in the wrong situation you use “Waat lag gayi”

10 Faadu : This word can be used as a synonym of “Jhakaas’, like when you want to say that how amazing something is then you say “Faadu”.

11 Saltale : When you want to solve any problem or any issue between someone than you use “matter yahi saltale”.

Well, this was a little “Gyan” on tapori language, I found it very interesting and taught to writing a blog, how did you find this language.

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